L Shape Sofa

HY-1 9033-3+SL

HY-1 300-3+SL

HY-1 11-3+SL

RM 399.00Add to CartRM 399.00Add to CartRM 439.00RM 399.00Add to Cart

HY-2 1000-3+SL

HY-2 2000-2L+2R+SL

HY-1 1414-L

RM 999.00RM 899.00Add to CartRM 1,259.00RM 1,199.00Add to CartRM 1,499.00RM 1,399.00Add to Cart


HY-2 333-3L

HY-2 4443-4R

RM 1,999.00RM 1,949.00Add to CartRM 1,999.00RM 1,949.00Add to CartRM 2,199.00RM 2,049.00Add to Cart

HY-2 3300-3R+con

HY-2 3301-3R+CON

HY-2 332-3L+CON+SL

RM 2,199.00RM 2,049.00Add to CartRM 2,299.00RM 2,199.00Add to CartRM 2,399.00RM 2,299.00Add to Cart

HY-2 334-3L+4stool

HY-2 664-L+4SL

HY-2 355-3L+con+4stool

RM 2,399.00RM 2,249.00Add to CartRM 2,599.00RM 2,449.00Add to CartRM 2,799.00RM 2,649.00Add to Cart

HY-2 6090-3L+con+stool

HY-2 665-L+Con+4stool

RM 2,899.00Add to CartRM 2,999.00RM 2,849.00Add to Cart 

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